Galvanized finish, under normal conditions of use and work.

When the grating needs to be removed frequently we suggest saddle clips installation, which we also manufacture. In other cases, when the grating will be fastened, we weld it to the surface.

Note: Our catalog contains specific information regarding installation methods.

The most common weldings could be 6013, 7018, 6010, and for semi-automatic, solid wire can be used.

Banding is the bar welded to the edge of gratings for giving greater stiffness. It is usually used in Custom Fabricated Grating.

The angle dimensions always depends on the thickness and depth of the grating. For example: In a 1in width grating, we recommend an angle of 1-1/4in with a thickness of 1/4 or 3/16.

The length of the panel is determined by the length of the bearing bars. The width is determined by the amount of bearing bars.

The most suitable Grating for those environments is the Stainless Steel Grating.

The surface should be free of dust, grease or any type of paint.

The 96g spray presentation should be applied 12 inches away. The gallon presentation is recommended using an air gun to obtain better look and higher performance. We suggest the use of zinc paint moderately and only for minor repairs.

Protect steel pieces or structures to increase its durability. Its protection works for industrial, humid and urban conditions.

Any type of Metelmex Steel Bar Grating.

The most important matter is to assure that the installed supports are able to hold the weight of the selected grating.

For these projects we recommend the use of our Metelmex Architectural Products.

Due to its high resistance to vibration, its conventional use is as Industrial Flooring. Nevertheless uses are up to everyone’s imagination, from marine platforms to building faÁ§ades.

Our production finish is black paint. If our clients require a different color we adjust and offer alternatives to satisfy their needs.

It is the service to cut and weld grating pieces to special dimensions.  Each piece is cut according to engineering drawings, and put into sections to cover specific areas depending of each project.

It is a process that provides protection against corrosion to any steel structure applying zinc layers to it. This process, is used as a coating in industrial, civil, commercial and urban works, and is the best protection against corrosion for any steel product.

Metelmex has several model types and products for commercial and residential use. These products seek to replace blacksmith designs, reduce costs, assembling and delivery times.

Visita: www.metelmexarchitectural.com

Metelmex Galvanizing depends on the environment in which the structure is installed. It is also important to consider a proper use or installation. According to studies in a low corrosion rural environment the galvanizing lifetime can reach 60 years.

The orientation of the bearing bars should be the shortest distance in span supports.

To provide a better grip to people while walking on it.