Our Stainless Steel Grating is manufactured through the electroforging process. It is used in highly corrosive areas and in areas where visual appearance of the material is desired.

This product is widely recommended when a grating that combines mechanical resistance and corrosion resistance is required. The types of stainless steels T-304 and T-316 have a high resistance to corrosion for which no additional coating is necessary.


  • Very long useful life.
  • Nice and clean appearance.
  • Highly anticorrosive.
  • Non-toxic when cut or cleaned.

Common applications:

  • Food industry floors
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Kitchens/Reactors
  • Laboratories
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Water treatment plants


  • Types of Stainless Steel: T-304 y T-316
  • Board dimensions: 3’x10’, 3’x20, 1 x 3.05 m y 1 x 6.10 m (You can request it cut to size according to the plans of the area to be covered)
  • Screed thickness: 1/8” y 3/16” (Other measures available on demand)
  • Cant of screeds: 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” y 2” (Other measures available on demand)
  • Distance between screeds: 1- 3/16” (Other measures available on demand)
  • Distance between stiffening rods: 2″ y 4″ (Other measures available on demand)
  • Surfaces available:
    • Smoot
    • Jagged
  • Finishes Available:
    • Natural with or without cleaning