Achieving Resistance and Safety on Industrial Floorings

When planning large projects such as industrial plants, commercial buildings or offices, you usually seek to obtain the highest quality in every single aspect. Personnel transiting during operation requires a safe working environment. In this article, we’ll explain how to achieve greater Resistance and Safety on Industrial Flooring.

Industrial Flooring should be designed to withstand some of the following types of loads:

  • Pedestrian Transit
  • Vehicular Transit
  • Specific Point Loads

It is highly recommended that at the beginning of the project, both, constructor and industrial flooring contractor (oil platforms , water treatment plants , chemical plants , bridges , airports , power plants, livestock facilities), request the necessary information that will help them to guarantee security and quality to working areas.

Budget is probably the most important variable to consider when choosing the product to be used as Industrial Flooring . For this decision, you must take into account the initial cost, maintenance costs and service life.

When thinking of substituting solid floorings, Steel Bar Grating is a great choice to replace them. Common cases:

  • Areas requiring the flow of: light, heat and sound
  • High vibration areas
  • Areas that should not accumulate gases or liquids
  • Antiskid flooring
  • Easy installation
  • Adaptability to complex patterns of the future covered area (Custom Fabricated Grating)
  • High ratio Load-Weight
  • Nonmagnetic, non-sparking and corrosion resistant flooring (Hot Dip Galvanizing)

It is important to notice that Steel Bar Grating offers its maximum resistance only if it is properly installed. Therefore we recommend reading Top 4 common mistakes in Steel Bar Grating Installation, to ensure a longer life to your project.

Share your Steel Bar Grating Installation experience with us! If you have any further question, feel free to do so, we will be glad to help you.

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