Benefits of Galvanized Steel Structures

Hot-Dip Galvanizing is an industrial finishing process that provides corrosion protection to steel structures. By immersing structures in a bath of 450 °C molten zinc, structures adhere several layers of zinc extending its life for many more years. This process is the maximum corrosion protection for any product made of steel, is a coating used in both commercial and industrial sectors.

This process is safe, guarantees and provides full protection to any structure since zinc is not only deposited on surface, but also achieves a resistant zinc-iron alloy becoming the whole an homogeneous piece.

Other benefits of subjecting Steel Structures into Hot Dip Galvanizing are the following:

Longer life of service: depending on the exposure to corrosive agents, a hot dip galvanized structure can last between 30 and 60 years.

Costs reduction: once galvanized, the structure needs no further painting or maintenance.

Versatility: once the process is capable of protecting a wide range of products in size and shapes.

Warranty: since the processed structure is completely immersed, coating is ensured inside and outside.

Triple protection: physical, electrochemical and self-curing improvement; offering a greater resistance to knocking, scratches and abrasion.

Satiny look: its modern and glossy finish is more attractive to many consumers.

As additional feature, galvanized steel is recyclable and inexpensive.

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