Steel Bar Grating Components

During purchasing process is important to consider the quality of the steel bar grating components since this affects directly in its resistance. To supervise quality, we enlisted 3 steps for you.

Steel Bar Grating Components

  • Bearing Bar: made from from steel strip. This component is in charge of supporting loads.
  • Cross Bar: thick wire, normally smooth, sometimes extruded. Its functions are to group, and maintain equidistant bearing bars.
  • Banding: made from from steel strip, used to close up tips of the regular support bearing bars in a standard panel. Also helps to maintain a balance in loads.

First supervision. Ensure that the panel’s dimensions are 3´x 20´. Important projects such as marine platforms, industrial plants, among others, demand certified grating to ensure a perfect performance. To learn the required certifications for your project click here.

Second supervision. Count the bearing bars that make up the panel they should be 34, and 60 cross bars. Every space between each cross bar should measure 4”. With this supervision you will know if your manufacturer is or not an expert in steel bar grating fabrication.

Third and last. Revise permitted tolerances of bearing bars and cross bars for the ordered type of grating. A micrometer is the best alternative to measure them. Tolerances are published by NAAMM (National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers).

Doing this supervisions you minimize chances of receiving non certified grating and guarantee price and quality of what you’re buying.

¡Take advice with the experts!

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