4 most common mistakes in Steel Bar Grating Installation

Steel Bar Grating

ensures better performance than other type of Industrial Floorings in industrial and Architectural Projects. Its functionality depends directly on its installation. When this is not carried out in a good way, its durability, strength and aesthetic are normally affected.

After the assembly, is common to identify installation mistakes. Since reparation is expensive, the key is to avoid them being cautious in small details. 

We have enlisted the 4 most common mistakes in Steel Bar Grating Installation, so we expect you to take this into account in your next Gratingproject. 

1.- Bearing bars pointing at wrong direction

The key to avoid this mistake relies on the bearing bars. They must point out to the shortest distance of the desired covering space. When this is done wrongly, cross rods normally bend down triggering a poor loading capacity. A well placed Trench Drain is safe for pedestrians, and acts as an extension of the street for heavy transit. 

2.- Missing banding on bearing bars edges

It is important to include banding on the grating edges to avoid unnecessary welding and broken edges. Banding also helps transferring burden to unloaded bearing bars assuring the grating´s capacity.

3.- Placing the Steel Grill upside down

As shown in the picture , it should face the side in which the load will be received, same side in which cross rods can be seen.  In the contrary, you run the risk of bending or breaking the bearing bars, causing loss of loading capacity, and making it dangerous to those who transit over it.

5.- Unaligned cross rods

Proper cross rods alignment shows professionalism of who installed it. Gives better appearance, and helps transferring load evenly throughout the piece. To avoid this mistake, we suggest asking your supplier for Custom Fabricated Grating.

These are the 4 most common mistakes in Steel Bar Grating Installation. We hope our guidance will help you to obtain the best of grating on your projects. Reduce unnecessary costs from product replacements, and ensure its functions for many years.

Do you know any other installation mistake? Tell us about it, leave your comments at the end of this article.

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