How Grating is made

Electric welding, also known as electro-forged, is a thermoelectric process in which heat is generated by the passage of electric current. For a controlled period of time and under controlled pressure, the current passes through the junction area of the parts that wish to be welded.

This process is frequently used to manufacture steel bar grating and other types of grid.

In this manufacturing process, metals are welded without additional materials. This is achieved through the pressure and the electric current applied to the wished welded area.

During the process, metal parts (commonly steel) are pressed together by the welding machine”™s electrodes to assure a firm and constant electrical contact.

Subsequently, the electric current passes through the electrodes and heats them until their junction spot melts. The two pieces”™ of molten metal are combined and they join together. When current stops both pieces solidify, forming a solid metallic connection between both pieces.

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